HomeChoice final results December 2018

Revenue for the year increased by 8.5% to R3.247 billion (2017: R2.993 billion) and operating profit was 2.6% higher at R763 million (2017: R744 million). Profit and total comprehensive income for the year grew 2.7% to R528 million (2017: R514 million). In addition, headline earnings per share rose to 507.7 cents per share (2017: 504.1 cents per share).

Dividend declaration
Notice is hereby given that the board of directors has declared a final gross cash dividend of 99.0000 cents (79.2000 cents net of dividend withholding tax) per ordinary share for the year ended 31 December 2018. The dividend has been declared from income reserves.

Company outlook
Fundamental support for the economy remains muted and expectations are generally for a slow recovery.

Our vision is to provide for our customers' lifestyle through digitally focused and innovative retail and financial services products and to continue to position ourselves as a leading digital player in the mass market. We are pleased with the traction that we have gained across a broad spectrum of strategic initiatives in 2018, despite operational challenges in Retail.

Technology is a key enabler in our journey to become a leading digital retailer. We will continue to invest in product innovation, digitalisation and enhancing the customer experience to deliver an engaging and consistent retail and financial services offering.
We are committed to continue to drive this vision and are well positioned to drive growth.

2019-03-18 09:38:47