Metair interim results June 2019

Revenue for the interim period went up to R5.3 billion (R4.5 billion) whilst gross profit was higher at R999.7 million (R8369 million). Operating prfoit rose to R498.7 million (R412.9 million). Profit attributable to equity holders jumped to R308.8 million (R261.7 million). Furthermore, headline earnings per shares increased to 160cps (132cps).

Company outlook
As we enter a sensitive and delicate phase in the labour environment, which is critical in providing a stable and sustained manufacturing base it is difficult to formulate the outlook for the second half of the year.

Metair operates best in a stable and high-volume production environment. Structurally, the volume and production outlook environment should continue its upward volume trend.

In the short term, the trend is subject to the timeous and responsible resolution and renewal of the wage agreements by customers and automotive component manufacturers in South Africa.

2019-08-14 08:08:19